Coliseum History

A Little History

The Lee and Rose Warner Coliseum, located within the MN State Fair grounds in St. Paul, Minnesota, is home to numerous horse shows, and houses many small businesses in the concourse during the Minnesota State Fair each year in late August. The Coliseum has seating for 5,250 people. It was the former home to the St. Paul Athletic Club, when it was known as the St. Paul Hippodrome. The original Hippodrome was erected in 1906 for the St. Paul Athletic Club hockey team who went to the national finals in 1922 and 1923. This original hippodrome was torn down in 1942, and today’s Coliseum was erected in 1951.

Fun Facts

Number of box stalls available: 522
Coliseum seating: 5,250
Size of Arena: 32,400 sq. ft.
Size of Concourse: 10,500 sq. ft.