1. Rider name: Kim Barone
     Horse name: Rival
     Farm name: Raven Ridge Farm
2. How long have you been riding? 30 years
3. What is your favorite thing about riding? Competing
4. How did you get into riding? Camp
5. What are your favorite memories at Harvest? I love the social times at the Harvest show, the parties and watching with friends is really fun.
6. How do you train with your horse for a Grand Prix? (time, methods, jumping heights etc.) My horse just stays fit with lots of flatwork and we very rarely jump at home.
7. What are your career highlights? I have been lucky enough to enjoy success in a lot of different areas including International Derby wins, Grand Prix wins, and breeding accolades.
8. What is your advice to young riders who aspire to compete in the Prix’s? Time in the saddle, working, and being aware of what you’re trying to achieve is key.
9. What is your horse’s favorite treat? People’s skin! lol 🙂 Carrots.
10. What do you enjoy to do in your spare time? Love on my dogs and go on vacations.