Heidi Hildebrand
Roundabout Farm

Tommy Bahama: ridden 2 years
Saloso Z: ridden 7 years
Fons Van T Geyzeven: ridden 2 months

1. How long have you been riding? 35 years
2. What is your favorite thing about riding? Riding is a way of life for me. I love the horses and working to figure out how to get them to perform to their highest ability.
3. What are your favorite memories at Harvest? My favorite memories from the Harvest Horse Show are placing in the Grand Prix with 7 different horses over the years and winning the leading hunter rider award a couple of years ago. As well as the press table after the Grand Prix, talking with all of the kids and signing autographs.  🙂
4. How do you train for a Prix with your horse? Training a horse for a Grand Prix–it’s work every day, every week, every month, all year long. Training. Health. Fitness. Mental capacity. And then you hope that you are well prepared for the Grand Prix on that one day.
5. What is your advice to young riders who aspire to compete in the Prix? My advice is to work hard – do whatever you have to do with the horses, including mucking stalls and grooming, and ride as much as you can…all of the good ones AND all of the bad ones. They can all teach you something.
6. What is your horse’s favorite treat? I like to feed my horses natural items like carrots and apples, and some of the cookies that are all natural. No peppermints or sweets or manufactured preservative filled treats.
7. How did you get into riding? I got into riding because I was training as a figure skater for many hours a day for years…and one of my friends had a pony. I went to ride her pony and I was suddenly transformed with my love of animals and my love of sports. And my devotion to be the best I can. The horses made me want to be the best I can. For them.
8. What do you enjoy to do in your spare time? True horse people don’t have spare time!!! I spend all of my extra time figuring out how to make my horses better and happier.  🙂 But I will read a book on occasion or watch a movie…at home while working on horse things!Hildebrand1