HorseCrazy1HORSE-CRAZY Market began as a conversation during barn-cleaning between the founders of KM Horsepower – Jeanne Klein and Lynn Merrill.

The story begins.
A piece of vintage equestrian circus art, featuring a brave, free-spirited girl trick-riding a handsome horse provided the perfect “Once Upon a Horse” theme Jeanne partnered with D’Arcy Allison-Teasley of HORSE-TRIBE, and together, out of a shared longing for both a creative new equine lifestyle sales event and an intention of supporting the larger equine community, they developed HORSECRAZY Market. Triple Crown Nutrition has been a faithful and generous sponsor from the beginning, providing a solid foundation upon which to build this horse dream.

This dream of a vibrant, creative, and eclectic equine lifestyle marketplace for folks who love all things Horse is focused on local makers and regional equine companies, equine artisans, unique items and up-cycled goods, non-profits serving diverse segments of the equine community, holistic and innovative equine practitioners… And it includes classic equine merchandise and services alongside recognized breed and discipline groups, too.

This December marks the third year for the annual HORSE-CRAZY Holiday Market, a two-day marketplace for horse-lovers and for folks looking for the perfect gifts for horse-lovers in their life. The Ramada Airport at the Mall has been a warm, inviting and conveniently-located venue partner for HORSE-CRAZY Market. (They even let us bring the Half-Pint Mini Horses into the Marketplace’s ballroom!) And the crew of generous and spirited volunteers make all this crazy work…

Since the start, several ‘Travelin’ HORSE-CRAZY Markets’ have been added to the lineup – from annual breed and discipline shows such as The Harvest Horse Show to The Minnesota Horse Expo, and The Polo Classic. HORSE-CRAZY Market hits the road, bringing its unique vision of equine lifestyle shopping all over the greater Twin Cities area. These smaller, more nimble versions of the Market feature select vendors tailored to each host event, and serve also to help get the word out about the Really Big Show each December!

This year’s 2015 HORSE-CRAZY Holiday Market will celebrate DOG-CRAZY, too! Recognizing the undeniable truth that most HORSE-CRAZY folks are DOGCRAZY, too, canine vendors have been invited to join in the Crazy. Unbridled AND Unleashed fun to ensue…

An expanding line of HORSE-CRAZY Brand goods is another way for folks to enjoy HORSE-CRAZY Market. T-shirts, hats and cotton tote bags, cafe mugs, pint glasses and handmade jewelry, all emblazoned with the vintage vibe of the HORSE-CRAZY Brand logo…with new items added to the line each season.

HORSE-CRAZY folks can wear and live the HORSE-CRAZY Brand with crazy good style!