Congratulations to Lisa Goldman-Smolen riding Bengtsson, 2021 winner of the $25,000 Grand Prix of Minnesota!

October 4–9th, 2022

We hope you had a great time at our 2021 show… see you in October!

This show does not happen without the support of our sponsors.

2021: Notably, Cricket Hills Equine, H Parish Enter-Prizes, and Spring Meadow Farm, sponsors of the $25,000 Grand Prix of Minnesota, the Nancy Allison Perkins Foundation for the $10,000 Hunter Derby and fantastic Exhibitor Dinner, along with Punch Pizza, sponsoring the $10,000 Welcome Stake. Additionally, thanks go out to all hospitality provided by St. Croix Saddlery and Homestretch Thoroughbreds, and the many other corporate and farm sponsors for their financial assistance.

A big Thank You for another outstanding Showplace Productions Harvest Horse Show –

the professionalism shown by everyone from the office staff, in gate starters and jump crew was on full display all week. Hats off to Andrew Ryback and his team for their exceptional photography, making the show memorable for all exhibitors.

Thank You to the many volunteers responsible for creating a great environment for exhibitors:

We Can Ride, This Old Horse, Equine Innovations, and Hope Rides, along with the University of MN Vet students and of course, the Minnesota Harvest Horse Show Committee and the Minnesota Hunter & Jumper Association. All of you had a great responsibility for making this show unique and so much fun for exhibitors!

Check out our off show season weather in the great state of Minnesota!

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Photos on this site are courtesy of: Andrew Ryback Photography, Linda McCormick, and Blue Leaf Photography copyright © 2008; Lili Weik; Christian Palmer.